The Psychology behind KIKI CHALLENGE

You must have heard about THE KIKI CHALLENGE around you.on the off chance that you haven’t seen recordings of it doing rounds on your web-based social networking pages or haven’t attempted it yourself. For the uninitiated, the Kiki challenge includes moving on a mKiki-challenge-minelody, ‘In My Feelings’, by rapper Drake while strolling alongside a moving auto.

The challenge has led to many teens and youngsters across the world trying it, many of whom failed badly and incurred serious injuries. The virality of the challenge has also led to Mumbai police issuing warning notice on their Twitter handle. Punjab police has also expressed its concern over Punjab youth attempting the challenge.

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What is the Kiki challenge and how did it start?

THE KIKI CHALLENGE is a viral dance challenge which requires the challenger to step out of a car and dance to the song while the car moves at a slow speed.

The challenge was begun by a comic and web based life influencer, Shiggy, who has 1.6 million devotees on Instagram. On June 30, he posted the principal ever Kiki challenge video and today, many individuals are doing the Kiki move.

Strikingly, Shiggy’s rendition of the challenge didn’t include an auto or driving. He was just remaining by the roadside while he moved to the tune. He was followed in a comparative way by numerous celebs, including Will Smith and Lil Mama.

Nonetheless, the pattern of venturing out of an auto and moving was begun by a cluster of adolescents and unfortunately, that went very prevalent, picking among teenagers and youthful over the entire world, including India.

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Who is Kiki? What is KIKI Challenge?

Strangely, it isn’t clear yet there is a suspect. While the entire world is inquiring as to whether she cherishes them, Kiki just presumably alludes to the previous fire of Drake, Canadian Keshia vocalist and TV character, Keshia “KeKe” Chante.